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Derby Felt Hat Black

Black felt derby with a smaller brim and no hatband.

Pirate Felt Hat

Black felt pirate hat with a white skull & crossbones and white trim around the brim.

Vampire Teeth

Plastic vampire teeth.

Adult Poodle Skirt

Knee length skirt with poodle applique. One size fits most. Colors may vary. Elastic waist. 丈 約 74cm.

Jumbo Rubber Ears

Giant vinyl ears that fit easily over your own ears. 14x10cm. 両耳セット。


A great simple accessory for a Native American costume. Red and white headband with feather. Made from soft felt with Velcro closure.

ASP Armband

A great accessory for any Greek or Roman costume. Comfortable and flexible

ASP Headband with Beads


Cigarette Holder-Telescopic

35cm extendable metal holder for flapper costumes.

Silver Plastic Tiara with Combs Silver

Small-sized tiara. Silver plastic.

Reindeer Antlers and Nose Kit

Contains antlers and red nose for a perfect Rudolph impersonation.

Adult Regal Queen Crown

Plastic gold crown includes multi-colored stones around the crown (yellow

Mouse/Cat Long Tail

Long furry tail can be used for cat or mouse costume.

Bunny Carrot

5 inch (13cm) foam carrot with 2 inches of top leaves. Hand painted with a realistic look

Pirate Cutlass

20 inch (50cm).

Doctor Kit

Reflector and stethoscope. Plastic two-piece set.

Super Droopers


Leg Armour

Plastic vacuform roman leg armor.

Soft Latex Boobs

A funny gag for any occasion! Foam.

Foam Butt

A timeless gag great for any occasion! Foam.

Musketeer Sword

Plastic sword with gold accents。30 inch (76cm).

Cavalry Sword

Plastic sword with sheath has a jewel accent on the handle and a belt loop on the sheath. 31 inch (79cm).

Reindeer Antlers Headband

Plush antler headband with ribbon ties.

Double Holster/Gun Set with Badge

Two orange pistols

Captain Condom Costume

Condom headpiece

Elf Shoes Green Cloth

All cloth elf shoe with rubber sole. Fits over your sock feet.

Baby Kit Blue

Blue pin

Royal Deluxe Triangle Shield

Large plastic silver shield has a gold crest in the center. Back has arm straps. 74 inches x 46 inches.

Hind Sight Costume

No butts about it

Fifi French Maid Costume

Satiny black dress with attached white lace-trimmed apron has lace trims at neckline and hemline and comes with a black lace ruffled headpiece and matching choker. ダスター、ストッキングは含まれません。

Police Hat

Blue cloth hat with vinyl visor and Special Police badge.

Deluxe Scarecrow Costume

Costume includes straw accented tunic

Hippie Dippie Women Costume

Flower Power print pants and vest with fringe comes with a white shirt and matching headband.

Hippie Dippie Man Costume

White v-neck shirt

Bum Shorts

One of the best gags ever.

70s Disco Man Kit

The perfect disco man accessory kit. Includes large moustache

Jumbo Baby Bottle

Plastic lumbo baby bottle. ボトルのみです。コスチュームは含まれません。33x7.5x7.5cm。

Tie Dyed Hippie Shirt

Classic hippie t-shirt with rainbow swirl.

Stage Fangs

Movie-quality fangs with compound for a secure custom fit to your canine teeth.

Plastic Snake Armband

Asp design armband. Excellent addition to any Egyptian costume. Gold colored plastic.

George Washington Instant Disguise Kit

Set includes a white colonial wig with a ponytail and a black ribbon

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Frank N. Furter Wig

Black curly character wig. 別売 コスチューム >.

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Magenta Wig

Shoulder length curly wig. 別売 コスチューム >.

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Columbia Wig

Short bright red wig. 別売 コスチューム >.

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Riff Raff Wig

Long blond hair attached to a bald cap. 別売 コスチューム >.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Magenta Costume

Magenta headpiece and dress with attached apron. ストッキングは含まれません。別売 ウィッグ >.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Riff Raff Costume

Jacket with vest front

Merlin Wig and Beard Set


Betsy Ross Instant Disguise Kit

Perfect for school reports and book assignments. Hat

Deluxe Bandolier Bullet Belt


Oversized Leprechaun Costume

Oversized hat headpiece

Big Gold Chain

Thick gold neck chain. Perfect Accessory For Any Disco Dancer- Pimp- Egyptian Queen King- Roman- And Many More.

Non Piercing Jewelry Kit

Non piercing clip-on jewelry.

Deluxe Battle Sword

38 inch (97cm)

Karneval Style Mask

Attached headband

1/2 Karneval Style Mask

Silver half mask with sequin detail and black lines throughout.

Venetian Couple Mask

Made of plastic covered in red velvet with gold trim

Venetian Couple Mask

Made of plastic covered velvet with hanging ribbons and gold trim. Color may vary from red to purple. Includes attached headband.

Venetian Couple Mask

This lovely half mask is black with gold trim

Captain Hat

Not adjustable.

Venetian Gold mask with Feathers

Headband attached. 38x33x18cm. Actual mask 7.5x20x10cm.

Pilgrim Instant Disguise Kit for Child

Kit includes simple felt hat

Mardi Gras Tall Hat

Super tall striped felt hat. Multicolor hat: yellow

Half Style Mask

Red and gold trimmed mask. Red and black feathers finish off the look and a gem sits in the center.

Oversized Rock N Roll King Costume

Oversized hat with see-through eye mesh

Buccaneer Bride Plus Size Costume

Striped skirt

Deluxe Battle Crusader Sword


Pilgrim Lady Instant Disguise Kit

Traditional lady pilgrim hat

Tiara Princess for Child

Plastic with combs to hold securely in place.

Ghostly Gal Costume


Mark Antony Costume


Rock N Rol Jumbo Glasses

Hilarious oversized plastic gold sunglasses.

Indian Headdress

Tall headdress with traditional feathers and marabou side accents.

Venetian Mask

ゴージャスな海賊風マスク。カチューシャを付け、かぶって着用するスタイル。頭は海賊ハットをイメージしたデザインで、飾りと羽がついています。模様はシルバーのラメで描かれています。 100% Polyester.

Venetian Mask

羽の付いたゴージャスなベネチアンマスク。持ち手付きで、持ち手部分はプラスチックでできています。頭の上にはパール風飾りとブラウン、レッドの羽付き。 100% Polyester.

Venetian Mask

シルバーラメのゴージャスなベネチアンマスク。持ち手付きで、持ち手はプラスチックでできています。模様はシルバーのラメでできています。 100% Polyester.

Outta Control Clown Mask

Full over-the-head latex clown mask has a greenish detailed face with wild red

Cleopatra Mask

Tradional Egyptian style mask with long sides and lame accents. Half mask has gold lame and jeweled accents. Nice sturdy mask with headband feature to fit comfortably on top of head. Headband includes an attached hair net

Roman Chest Armour 2Pc Set

Very distinctive and well-sculpted plastic armor includes front and back pieces. Antiqued gold.

George Washington Child Costume (Large)

Jacket with attached vest and jabot comes with blue hat. パンツ、ウィッグは含まれません。

Pirate Beard and Moustache

Black moustache and black goatee with two gold beads. Self sticking tape included for one use.

Egyptian Collar

Traditional collar with lame accents.

Egyptian Wristbands

Traditional Egyptian wrist bands with lame accents. Pair.

Egyptian Belt

Lame belt with long front tab completes any Egytian costume. Velcro closure.

Pharaoh Costume

Black and white headpiece with gold collar

Jumbo Chain

Plastic chain that looks amazingly like a metal chain. 182cm long. each link is 11.5x7.5cm.

Classic Witch Costume

スタンダードなブラック魔女コスチューム。トップ、スカート、マント、ハットのセット。トップは首の後ろをマジックテープでとめて着用するスタイル。センターフロントはボタン5個付き。腰部分はゴムのギャザー入りで、リボンを結んで着用します。襟は内側が柔らかなスポンジ素材。肩はボリュームが出るように内側に固めの素材が入っています。スカートはウエストがゴムです。マントは首元にヒモで結んで着用します。ハットは周囲にワイヤー入りで、付属のメッシュ生地を巻きつけて着用します。 100% Polyester.

Classic Witch Plus Size Costume

Hat with attached scarf

Deluxe Native American Choker

コスチュームアクセサリー ジュエリー

Pink Feather Duster


Cupid Bow and Arrow Set

Red plastic 48x7.5cm bow with comfortable handle

Gold Roman Shield

Antiqued gold. Plastic.

Peace Pipe

Plastic pipe with beads and feathers.

Regal King Crown

Red crown with gold and jewel accents around crown. 60% polyester/30% PVC/10% decoration.

Gold Netted Venetian Mask

Gold netted venetian style mask attached to headband.

Vampire Coffin Pendant

Coffin pendant has a secret compartment that opens and seals with a magnet.

Big Daddy Jumbo Cigar

A gold prop cigar with rhinestone accents and a fake ash end to give the illusion that the cigar is burning.

ASP Snake Beaded Headpiece

Turquoise fabric head band with gold accents and gold snake head in the center. Headband features 1 inch gold beaded bangs with turquoise beads at the ends and the sides are 9 inches of gold beaded accents with turquoise beads at the end. There is an elastic band in the back.

ASP Snake Arm Band

Decorative snake armband with large head

Mr. Wizard Hat and Robe

Robe with moon